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Prayer to Cosmos




As I was walking around Woodlawn Lake I was struck by the pattern created by the algae covering the water. These patterns reflected imperceptible movement combined with various shades and angles of morning light. The resulting combination of beauty and surrealism touched deeper impressions of the vibrations of the cosmos. To these photos captured by my 35 mm camera I humbly added prayers to the Great Spirit to share with others.

Edward Codina

Copyright © 2005


(210) 734-5618

Edge of Cosmos

edge  cosmosW.jpg


Edge of the Cosmos

Love becomes flow

Flow becomes form

Form becomes matter

Matter is form flowing of love

The sacred movement

Great Spirit help us remember

Help us stay connected

Floating Upon

floating upon.jpg

Floating Upon

We sometimes feel detached

Floating alone, floating alone

Moved by unfelt forces

Uncertain where we are going

Oh God, do not let us sink in despair

But cradle us in your love

That is always moving us in the universe

Floating With

floating with.jpg

Flowing With

At times it is easy to flow along,

With the varied beings around.

The flow bending for us,

Adapting to the sum of each.

Feeling one with all.

Thank you for such moments

As we move with the sacred.



Center of Directions

We emerge as matter

From our center we spread

Four directions around, up and below.

Receiving energy from the flow

Impacting all that is around.

Lord, keep us from over extending

Help us be respectful with our influence.

Up From Flow

up from flow.jpg

 Up from the Flow

Emerging up from the flow

Adding dimension and color

Impacting in ways we do not even know

On energy above and to the side.

Lord, we proudly reflect your majesty

And hope we do not fall into conceit

As we share who we are to the cosmos




Thoughts bubble up all the time

Taking us here, taking us there

Scattering our energies

Keeping us from being aware

Distracting us from the flow

Lord help us center our attention

 On the sacred path

Focus and Intent

focus and intent.jpg

Focus and Intent

When we are focused we move great energy.

Ah! But getting focused is such as challenge.

And what should we focus on?

Dear guides, help me gather concentration

Moved by intent that is pure.

 Working to be unison

With the greater intent of the universe.